Keeping your rainwater tank maintained is essential if you want an ongoing supply of clean water. Whether using your stored rainwater for your garden or for your shower, there are a few important maintenance tasks that you need to keep in mind.

5 Important Rainwater Tank Maintenance Tips
1. Clean your gutters

It is a good idea to either get up and clean your roof gutters every 3 months or have a professional do it. This minimises not only the potential leaf litter that goes into or blocks up your tank, but also allows you to check for any dead animals and remove any droppings that eventually end up in your tank.

2. Replace your mozzie mesh

Mosquito mesh will keep mozzies and other bugs and insects out of your water tank – but only if it is well maintained. Keeping the mesh maintained and in good repair at all time ensures the safety of your water.

3. Check water quality

If you use your rainwater tank for showering, drinking or cooking, you need to have your water tested regularly. Every couple of months, check the colour and smell of your water, as well as any sediment build up. If there is an issue, get it fixed.

4. Desludge

Have any sludge in the bottom of your water tank professionally vacuumed out. This minimises the loss of water and can be done at any time throughout the year. It is recommended that your tank is desludged at least every 2 years.

5. Check the pipes and pumps

You will need to check the pipes and pumps that run from your tank into your house. Any cracks or broken pipes could be leading to not only a loss of water, but an entry point for viruses and other diseases. Replace any pipes and pumps that are no longer at their best quality.

A good tank clean will take some time, often 4 – 5 hours. If you don’t have the time to spend cleaning your rainwater tank, call the team at Water Tank Cleaners. We’ll do a full check and clean of your rainwater tank to ensure you’re getting the cleanest water you can.